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Our campus is an inflection point of enlightenment, creative energy, and inspiration. A place where students and teachers, come together to think big, follow their dreams, and challenge the status quo. It's the opportunity of discovery new Ideas, which sparkles and exchanged.

The St. Claret School marked as the pioneer educational institutions of the Claretian in the year 1989. Since then it has been growing towards perfection, catering to the needs of all levels of children with an admirable series of laurels.

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Welcome to St.Claret Education Society

St. Claret Educational Society established Anthony Claret School as a part of the wider vision and commitment of the Claretian Fathers to develop their educational activities further and to serve the neighbourhood student communities. Amidst a large gathering of aspiring children enthusiastic parents devoted teachers and service oriented Claretians in a serene and prayerful atmosphere on a bright and pleasant morning on 4th June, 2007 at 9 am was the inauguration of St. Claret's vision .The vision being AC School, where AC stands for Anthony Claret, the patron of the Society. The school follows the central syllabus of ICSE (Indian Certificate for Secondary Education)


The days ahead of the next generation seems to be really blaring. The technological development is in a supersonic speed inconceivable to us and on the other hand the application of the technological progression in to personal life has drastically affected our interpersonal relationship and messed up social ethos. What was the integral part of yesterday seems to be underpriced today, and we have reached such a state that tomorrow is beyond our imagination. I am deeply pained to see the drastic consequences of the same in our personal relationship. I would rather say that it is our failure to have a balanced adaptation of the technolgical changes prudently in to our life situations. Life is to be accepted as a gift from god to be lived in fullness enjoying the freedom and the limitations and not us a commodity or a gismo.The technological advancement has to be at the service of the life and not the life at the service of the technology.

Of course the technology has made the life easy, comfortable and improved the quality of living. But so unfortunate it has smashed the interpersonal bond .We speak of the concept of world becoming a global village. All that you long for is at your finger tip, a click away. But at the same time don't you feel that the impact of transformation has either made us lazy or a slave to the technology? Are we born to be free or to be a slave? Who has to dictate the terms and conditions in our life? I feel we have become puppets in the hands of the technology. Today technology is the master and the life a servant to the technology. I remember few years ago for any function at home the invitation was extended personally and that though time consuming and tiresome no doubt it has helped us to strengthen the bond of relationship stronger. Now the invitation extended is over the phone and it becomes mechanical and we have lost the personal touch. This is only an example. May be the technology used tomorrow will be highly advanced and instead of attending or making your presence felt in the function, you may attend the function through a video conference. May be our social gatherings will be attended no more by relatives or human beings but by antennas or some other electronic gadgets representing you and you are seated at the far end, fully immersed in your business of life. If we permit this to happen, no doubt the day is not far we will not have the prick of conscience to substitute our father, mother, brother and sister with the gadgets. Except persons, everything else is valued very much in life.

"Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire" — William Butler Yeats


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Our Mission

Our mission is to form intellectually competent, professionally skilled, spiritually evolved, morally upright, socially responsive and culturall tolerant citizens, through holistic Claretine education, for the creation of a civilization of love

Our Vision

Our vision is to promote educational excellence, leadership and service based on universal love and brotherhood in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community; to strive to foster positive values based on the pursuit of truth into the lives of our students to effect holistic transformation within them.

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