(Cares more than others think is wise)


'Ever Onward', the motto of Anthony Claret school (ICSE Syllabos) sums up the direction of the creative energies of the school. The school is ever committed to continuous and refreshing efforts to constantly renew itself and strive for the creation of a civilization of love, as stated in its Mission Statement. 'Ever Onward' inspires the management and the teaching faculty and the administrative and ministerial staff to constantly improve their personal and professional skills to realize the onward march. The clarion call of 'Ever Onward' constantly encourages the Claretines, the students of The Anthony Claret school to nourish themselves at the portals of the school that their lives would always evolve into greater and final levels of self-realization and transcendence.

The Crest symbolically captures the educational mission and vision of the school: the white Dove stands for the noble in a person- the qualities of the heart that shapes one's character and transforms one into a blessing unto the society. It is forward and upward movement points to the evolution of the person into greater and finer levels of self-realization and transcendence at the service of the society, which finally leads to the creation of a civilization of love. The blue sky at the background symbolizes the limitless possibilities that invite a Claretine to evolve into. The letters CMF stands for the Claretine Missionary Fathers, Management of AC School, who, inspired by life and impelled by love, play the catalyst in the evolution of each Claretine.


Our vision is to promote educational excellence, leadership and service based on universal love and brotherhood in an environment characterized by respect for the individual and concern for the community; to strive to foster positive values based on the pursuit of truth into the lives of our students to effect holistic transformation within them.


Our mission is to form intellectually competent, professionally skilled, spiritually evolved, morally upright, socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens, through holistic Claretine education, for the creation of a civilization of love

Our Values

1.Faith in God
Claretines shall come to recognize that there is an Absolute Being to whom they belong to and in whose love they live,move and have their being. A loving, genuine, creative, faith shall come to permeate their life choices

. 2.Justice
Having come to believe that they belong to God,Claretines shall come to appreciate the need for justice in their relationships and in society. They shall work towards the realization and furtherance of justice in personal lives and society.

3.Truthfulness and Personal Integrity
Claretines shall uphold Truthfulness and Personal Integrity in their lives and choices. Truth may hurt, but it eventually heals and gives life.

In their four - fold relationship - to God, nature, fellow human beings and oneself they shall have an attitude of respect and reverence. For the whole creation manifests the handiwork of God.

Claretines shall commit themselves to study and professional training for the ultimate purpose of placing their skills and lives at the service of the fellow human beings and the society.

6.Synergic Co-Operation
Claretines shall prize co-operation and synergic collaboration in group for the realization of their goals. Healthy competition among the Claretines and not personal glory is considered a Claretine virtue.

7.Intellectual Competence
Every Claretine shall strive to the best of their ability to achieve intellectual competence, which would equip them to create a civilization of love.

Our Objectives

1. To provide a value-based, meaningful and productive education.
2. To create scientific temper, research rigour, holistic vision and leadership skills by the service of building up a better society.
3. To impart basic human values of peace,love,justice,compassion,community mindedness and a life of gratitude in the younger generation.
4. To form intellectually competent, professionally skilled individuals.
5. To evolve spiritually with moral uprightness to create a civilization of love.
6. To be socially responsive and culturally tolerant citizens.

History Of Anthony Claret School

Anthony Claret School , Jalahalli, Bangalore, situated in a green world of tranquility overlooking woods and moving trains at a distance, is a Catholic institution founded in 2007 by the St. Claret Educational Society. The school is named after its Heavenly Patron, St. Anthony Mary Claret, a 19th century Catholic Arch Bishop of Cuba and founder of the Roman Catholic Society of the Claretian Missionaries.

The Claretian Fathers trace their history to St. Anthony Claret, who founded the Claretian congregation in July 16, 1849 in Vich. At present there are over 3000 Claretians working in 63 countries. On fire with love for God in Jesus Christ and for the fellow human beings they engage in pastoral, social and educational endeavors for the promotion of human life and dignity.

In India there are over 600 Claretians working in 11 states. They serve the poor and the marginalized through pastoral and spiritual animation, educational endeavors, care for the leprosy-affected, drug addicts, AIDS patients, ex-prisoners, the blind, the differentially abled, tribals and dalits. In India they run more than 35 educational institutions which includes schools, colleges and institutes of higher learning.

St. Claret Educational Society established Anthony Claret School as a part of the wider vision and commitment of the Claretian Fathers to develop their educational activities further and to serve the neighbourhood student communities. Amidst a large gathering of aspiring children enthusiastic parents devoted teachers and service oriented Claretians in a serene and prayerful atmosphere on a bright and pleasant morning on 4th June, 2007 at 9 am was the inauguration of St. Claret's vision .The vision being AC School, where AC stands for Anthony Claret, the patron of the Society. The school follows the central syllabus of ICSE(Indian Certificate for Secondary Education)

Abundance of natural light coupled with stunning greenery and balmy air creates a warm stimulating and child centered atmosphere at the school which offers its students the best start in their education by providing a caring and inspiring academics. Nevertheless it includes value-based application of knowledge and the professional skills. The spiritual, moral, social and cultural formation, other modules, workshops, seminars, extention programs are also envisaged. The ultimate goal of education at the portals of the school is the creation of a civilization of love. In safe and nurturing environment students develop a genuine love for learning, quality and academic success.

Anthony Claret School now stands with its arms open wide with love for all knowledge aspirants, smiling to wear her laurels in the years to come.